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I see you've showered, that's too bad because I was hoping to share one with you, he steps a little closer folding his arms around her. Momma smiled a broad smile. Boredom mostly, power is out at my place and I had nothing to do, so I came here, its better than doing nothing. Just tell her to get out here.

Serina was kneeling and seemed to be checking his vitals, he couldnt see her face but her hands work furiously to check his chest and his heart rate.

Please let me cum. She spread Annette's legs just a little and did the inside of her thighs and ran her finger up Annette's ass crack touching her ass hole and pausing for just a second.

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looks like a wife fuck pull of her nickers stick your cock in and pump
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@LetsFinishPorn My fellow Porn Consument. U have to distinguish between reality and fiction. This is a porn film. They are actresses and actors. This is not amateur nor is this real. Its a product designed to apeal to the male consuments who like the might difference factor in sexuality, which isnt intrinsicaly bad. If this would be real, you are right that would be bad. But luckily it isnt. Sorry for grammar. I am german :)
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Thanks for this.
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02:34 - 03:44 : That's so true : boy's erection is always maximally painful when lapping mommy's beautiful hairy fragrant cunt...